Exe Estuary Trail (Cycle/Walkway)

Exe Estuary Trail Interpretation


‘Interpretation’ encourages local people and visitors to explore, enjoy and appreciate a place or area. It can be viewed as the ‘Added Value’ to the route and can include media such as publications, information panels, guided tours, audio information and artwork. The Exe Estuary is a first class natural location with inspiring landscapes and panoramic views. Along with its hinterland, local population and history, the estuary will provide a huge resource of stories, anecdotes and factual information which visitors to the estuary will hopefully find interesting and inspiring. It is considered important that any interpretation along the route is in-keeping with the areas natural environment and is not, in any way, detrimental to the birdlife found on the estuary.

Bike rackThe Exe Estuary Trail is technically a linear route running along both the east and west sides of the Estuary connecting Exmouth, Exeter and Dawlish Warren. The passenger ferries which operate from Starcross to Exmouth and across the river at Topsham, provide the opportunity for circular routes. The interpretation along the route should reflect local points of interest but also generate a sense of journey around the Estuary.

Interpretation Aims

Promotion of the route should reflect Devon’s intrinsic qualities and focus on the high quality natural environment and cultural assets.

Key aims include:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of the Exe Estuary’s environment and heritage.
  • Create a sense of journey around the Estuary linking sites around the estuary both physically and thematically.
  • Be developed in line with accepted principles and standards of good practice, including being properly planned and maintained.
  • Encourage sustainable tourism throughout the area.
  • Enhance the visitor experience.
  • Encourage visitors to explore a wider range of sites, thus encouraging longer stays and higher spending to benefit the local economy.
  • Influence visitor behaviour at sensitive sites.

Interpretative Themes

Several interpretive themes have been developed for the estuary and are contained within the interpretation strategy. For more information please contact environment@devon.gov.uk.