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Community Mentoring

Evidence and Policy

Commissioners and providers of mentoring services are committed to developing formal evidence for the effectiveness of this approach.

One research study has been completed so far. This ‘optimising’ study aimed to make the Upstream organisation as effective as possible by responding to findings as they emerged. This study was conducted by the Peninsula Medical School (PMS), part of the University of Exeter, over a three-year period.

Follow the links below to see the results of this study.

The health and social care community in Devon has commissioned a further study from PMS (a controlled trial) which aims to further examine the evidence of the effectiveness of this type of approach and to study the economic case for it. This will initially cover both Upstream and the Link2 service provided by Age Concern Exeter, both funded by the Department of Work and Pensions Link Age Plus programme, and later services across the County in a large scale trial funded by the Department of Health through the My Life My Choice (POPPs) programme.

When reporting schedules and later reports for this study are available they will be published and referenced here.

The principles and policies of the approach are those that drive current changes in Health and Social Care. And alongside the work of the mentors are guidelines and policies that ensure accountability, rigorous management and proper governance.