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Help for you


If you are over 16, you are entitled to a Carers Assessment in your own right. This simply means that a Social Worker will come and have a chat with you about the kind of things that you do and the care that you give, and will look at what help they may be able to offer to support you.

A Listening Ear:
Someone who will spend time with you. They may take you out and talk about anything that you want to talk about... You set the agenda and they listen!

Sometimes you can get small amounts of money to join a club that you're interested in to get some time out. You may also be eligible for Carers Allowance or Education Maintenance Allowance.

Carers Link:
This is a group of voluntary organisations who support carers. They can help with looking at your rights as a young carer, the support that might be available and put you in touch with your local Young Carers Workers.

  • Join the Carers Link yourself on line

Find out more about Carers' Assessments
To speak to someone about a Carers Assessment, telephone your local Children and Families team, or talk to your local worker, or get someone else to phone for you.