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Monday 30 March 2015

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Weed Clearance

What work is undertaken?

As a result of budget restrictions and subsequent review of where available money is spent, weed treatment work has reduced across the county. Generally, weeds on footpaths, along kerblines and boundary walls will not be treated. However, the treatment and control of injurious weeds, such as Ragwort; invasive species, such as Japanese Knotweed; and any plants which pose a safety hazard, e.g. those affecting visibility for road users, continues.

Reductions in weed control is necessary to ensure that Devon County Council focus resources on the most urgent highway needs, such as repairing potholes to ensure the safe use of the highway.

Weed control methods can include physical/mechanical systems, but the majority of work is undertaken using herbicides that have been appointed by the Pesticide Safety Directorate or the Health and Safety Executive. Herbicide usage is kept to the absolute minimum and all work is strictly undertaken in accordance with the Control of Pesticide Regulations. For further information please see How are weeds cleared?

If you would like to report weeds on the highways, please complete the online form, or contact the Customer Service Centre 0845 155 1004.

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For emergencies please contact the Highway Operations Control Centre (24 hours) Tel : 01392 383329

If you have a comment, query or request about road and pavement repairs in Devon please contact your nearest Area Highway Management Office by selecting your area from the map.

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