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Tom the Teacher

I studied for Media Arts at The University of Plymouth before taking my PGCE at Exeter University. I now teach English and Media at a secondary school in Devon. My interest in literature, the media and art is really valuable for both my students and myself.

No two days in my job are ever the same! Knowing that I am having an impact on the development of young people is hugely rewarding and being creative in order to engage their interest is an enjoyable challenge. I enjoy adventure sports and have had the opportunity to volunteer with a range of activities at school such as mountain biking, caving and walking.   

The job is tough! I was surprised when I realised the number of tasks and responsibilities I have to undertake. My job has its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember why you went into teaching; for me it is to enable, empower and interest young people, a hugely rewarding thing to do. My most memorable achievement was when I got a class of 14 year olds to understand why poetry is important.

It is great that there are plenty of opportunities for progression, but I am yet to decide where I would like to aim.