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Senior Transport Planner

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Andrew Ardley - Senior Transport Planner

Having gained a Diploma in Planning (with a specialisation in transport) from Oxford Brookes University, I joined the Council’s Transport Coordination Centre (TCC) as a graduate trainee. That was back in 1995. Today, I’m a Senior Transport Planner and an example of Devon’s career progression scheme in action!

I can honestly say that working in transport planning has never been so interesting. The variety in both scale and location is greater than ever before. As is the responsibility – I manage multiple Local Transport Plan programme budgets of over £1m each year and write bids for major transport schemes. Managing new developments is a fascinating part of my job. But if I had to pick one thing, I love being able to use creative and imaginative thinking to address current and future challenges: you’re able to make a real difference in influencing and commissioning current schemes and design work.