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Barnstaple Library

Paws for a Book - Dogs Helping Kids

Dogs Helping Kids - logoBarnstaple Library is very proud to have joined forces with Dogs Helping Kids to provide a programme that will improve children’s reading and communication skills by children reading to a highly trained D.H.K. School dog and its owner.

The School Dogs who will be helping your child have been highly trained in the role of a DHK Listening Canine. These special dogs will be incredibly calm and happy to have an individual child read to them. Research undertaken in America, where there are many dogs (known as the READ dogs) who help children read, has proved that children who read to these dogs show an increase in reading levels, word recognition, a higher desire to read and write, and an increase in intra and interpersonal skills among the children they mix with.

To find out more about their work with children, visit the website - Dogs Helping Kids

Why Read to a Dog?

Dogs Helping Kids - Barnstaple LibraryDogs are amazing listeners, are non-judgemental, give unconditional acceptance, help increase relaxation & lower blood pressure, do not laugh or criticise, allow children to proceed at their own pace, and provide confidence, a sense of comfort & love.

Which children will benefit from reading to a DHK School Dog?

  • Children who are struggling readers
  • Children who are very slow readers
  • Children who are worried about reading out aloud in front of others
  • Children who lack self confidence and self esteem

If you are interested in your child reading to either Kym or Dexter, please pop into Barnstaple lIbrary and ask for a registration form.

Sharon Dixon will be happy to chat to you more about this unique scheme – ask for her at the  children’s!