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Friday 18 April 2014

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Road Maintenance

We maintain over 12,800 kilometres (approximately 7953.55 miles) of road in Devon. As an asset, our roads and bridges are worth £10.2 billion.


Report a pothole >>

A pothole is a fault in the road which measures at least 300mm in diameter and 40mm in depth. Anything smaller than this is not considered to be pothole and will not be repaired.


What happens next?

Once we’ve received your report we aim to repair the pothole the next working day on main roads and within seven working days on minor roads.

We have limited resources so our priority is to keep the busier A and B roads in a good condition, while dealing with mainly safety issues on minor roads.


How we maintain our roads

Devon has £73 million for highway maintenance each year. £30 million of this is spent on looking after the road surface; the rest is spent on safety concerns, salting roads in winter, street lighting, repairing drains, cutting grass and other operations.

We are working to maintain our busy A and B roads and slow down deterioration as much as possible within the budget we have available.

We are surface dressing many of our roads which involves treating the road surface to stop it getting worse. These treatments are usually cheaper than expensive rebuilding works so we can maintain more roads for the same budget. This is why some of the worst roads are not done first.

Our priority will be to keep the busier roads in a serviceable condition while dealing with mainly safety issues on the minor roads within the resources we have available.


Report other faults

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For general highway and traffic management queries, or to report a pothole or fault, contact your Neighbourhood Highway Team on 0845 155 1004.

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For emergencies please contact the Highway Operations Control Centre (24 hours) Tel : 01392 383329

If you have a comment, query or request about road and pavement repairs in Devon please contact your nearest Area Highway Management Office by selecting your area from the map.

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