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Saturday 19 April 2014

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Social Care & Health

Our Plans

ACS Business Plan 2009/10 (1.35MB - pdf help)
This Business Plan explains how the Adult & Community Services Directorate (ACS) will fulfil its purpose over the next year in the context of Devon County Council’s strategic priorities. Its primary focus is on what needs to be done to practically transform and deliver services during 2009/10.

Previous Business Plans:

Social Services Strategic Programme 2004 - 2008
This document is designed as an internal management tool but is also shared with partner organisations because many of its objectives can only be achieved via joint collaboration.

Joint Strategic Review - The Way Ahead
This document sets out how health and social care will be improved in Devon over the next five years.

Older People Strategy - Ageing Well in Devon (575KB - pdf help)
Ageing Well in Devon sets out our strategic intentions to improve wellbeing for older people.  Older people have been involved in the development of this statement through county-wide listening events. We want to use this statement to start a continuous dialogue with older people so we can develop creative ways to achieve our  joint goals to implement it, and to  improve the statement over time.  The Senior Council for Devon is helping us do this.

Frequently Asked Questions - on Health and Social Care (75KB - pdf help)
Answers to Questions Raised at Ageing Well in Devon Seminar

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