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Thursday 7 May 2015

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Scomis Bulletin


Wednesday 6 May 2015:

Summer 2015 School Census Bulletin

This bulletin lists the latest information regarding the School Summer Census. It contains links to relevant documentation and information on the latest filesets, patches and errors. Census Date: 21 May 2015 For DfE and LA Return Dates and Advice click here Latest Filesets, patches and error messages   Date Description 06/06/15 Capita Updates Updated 05/05/15 […]

End of Key Stage

Key Stage 2015 This bulletin will be kept up to date to reflect any changes as well as links to the End of Key Stage Notes. All schools, including hosted schools will need to import the 2015 Key Stage Wizards. Guidance on the import routine is included in the notes below. Schools are advised to […]

Monday 20 April 2015:

Warning – Malicious Emails

Scomis have become aware of an increase in the number of malicious emails being received by schools. Typically these emails have an attachment that appears to be an invoice, this may be from a company that is known to the school. If the attachment is opened a virus will be installed on the computer which […]


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Scomis Training Directory


Tuesday 17 February 2015:

SIMS Discover with Assessment – Primary

Please see for the latest course date:- This course teaches delegates how to adapt the SIMS Discover user-definable components to analyse assessment data effectively.   Creating Bar charts, Venn diagrams, Stacked Bar charts, Progress Charts and line graphs.   Content: The relationship between SIMS Discover and SIMS Assessment The SIMS Discover interface The SIMS Discover Administrators Desktop Defining, calculating and using SIMS Discover […]

Advanced Reporting from SIMS .net with Excel

Please see for the latest course date:- SIMS is capable of extracting a wide range of data using its reporting functionality, including student details, attendance, assessment and behaviour data. The export of data into Excel is the default option for many of the pre-defined reports in SIMS. Excel is a powerful programme capable of assisting in analysis and display of data. Formulas […]

Wednesday 28 January 2015:

Protected: Scomis WebTrain

Please see for the latest course date:- There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Frequently Asked Questions


Tuesday 5 May 2015:

SIMS Teacher App Process Summary for hosted and non-hosted schools

These flowcharts are to be used in conjunction with the documents in the zipped file sent to you by Capita when you order SIMS Teacher App. Teacher App Process &#8211; hosted schools Teacher App Process &#8211; non hosted schools &#160;<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_15041">(Visited 13 times, 13 visits today)</div>

Friday 1 May 2015:

Creating a CTF for pupils including Leavers

Please see the following document for advise on how to create a CTF for pupil including leavers: &#160; Creating a CTF for Pupils including Leavers &#8211; 2015 &#160; &#160;<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_15037">(Visited 5 times, 2 visits today)</div>

Creating a CTF for pupils in more than one year group

Please see the following document for advise on how to create a CTF for pupils in more than one year group: &#160; Creating a CTF for Pupils in More than One Year Group &#8211; 2015<div class="tptn_counter" id="tptn_counter_15034">(Visited 3 times, 1 visits today)</div>


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