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Saturday 19 April 2014

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HR Solutions Devon

Mediation Service

The Mediation Service provides a fast and effective way to resolve workplace conflicts both within Devon County Council and for external customers.

Workplace disputes can:

  • impact on individuals health and wellbeing, leading to sickness absence
  • reduce productivity
  • cause poor working relationships within teams
  • be time consuming to resolve
  • lead to formal grievances

Use of mediation at an early stage can help prevent these disputes from developing.

The Mediation service is:

  • co-ordinated and facilitated for you
  • provided by nationally trained and qualified mediators
  • fast – the whole process is normally completed in one day
  • informal
  • confidential – matters discussed cannot be used at a later date in formal procedures
  • flexible – it is conducted without precedents, making it potentially more creative than other mechanisms
  • voluntary - so there is a better chance that an agreement will be respected by both parties and lasting
  • at no charge within DCC

For information, (including details on charging for external customers) or to request mediation, contact or please call 01392 385555.

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