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Saturday 28 March 2015

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Wonford HomeZone

Core Design Concept

Core design concepts, developed from the aspirations of the local residents, have formed the foundation of the final designs for the Home Zone. Most of these concepts are based on a desire for the Home Zone to respect the context of its surroundings.

  • LAYOUT – The streets within the Home Zone are set out within a strong grid structure. All aspects of the design respect these lines and the uniformity of the grid.

  • VIEWS – Wonford Home Zone is situated next to Ludwell Valley Park – a green strip of land which runs along the south east side of the housing estate. The scheme incorporates features that maximise the visual links to the park from Holly Road.

  • COLOUR – The colours used within the designs have been chosen so that they harmonise with the distinct red bricks used in this 1930’s social housing estate and the deep red of the local soils, which can be seen in the surrounding hills.

  • INDIVIDUALITY of STREETS – The same street furniture, surface materials, and layout will be repeated throughout the Home Zone but each street will also have its own identity. This will be achieved by introducing features unique to each street, for example using a single tree species and special details within the metal work.

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