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Monday 28 July 2014

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Local Studies

Bridge near All Saints Church, Okehampton,1820. Watercolour Painting, 220x227mm. P&D0854.

Libraries in Devon hold a wealth of information to help you research local and family history.

The Westcountry Studies Library in Castle Street, Exeter is now closed and its local history collections have been moved to the Devon Heritage Centre, Sowton. Other large collections are held at Barnstaple and Exmouth Libraries.

Please see 'What's new' below for more information

What's new?

The collections of the Westcountry Studies Library, which were previously all housed in the Castle Street section of Exeter Central Library, have been amalgamated with the former Devon Record Office archive collections to form an integrated Devon Heritage Service.   This is now  located at the former Devon Record Office premises at Great Moor House, Sowton, Exeter.    

It is  now known as Devon Heritage Centre.    

In May 2014, the vast majority of the remaining local studies collections from the former Westcountry Studies Library were moved to Devon Heritage Centre, Sowton to join the local studies material and archive collections already held there.   Find out more.....

The small amount of material remaining at the Castle Street premises is continuing to be moved as time allows, and all will be transferred to Devon Heritage Centre by the end of June 2014.  Remaining material comprises some special collections, some maps, original (hard-copy newspapers), glass negatives, lantern slides, and some original photographs.

As shelving and location of the collections which have already arrived at Devon Heritage Centre is continuing , and books are still being moved between storage areas within the building to maximise the use of the storage space we have, we suggest that if possible, you continue to pre-order any ‘stack’ items (items which have a shelfmark reference starting with an ‘s’ on the online catalogue) before you visit.

If you are unsure about access to the local studies collections, please contact the Devon Heritage Centre by post, email or telephone before you visit (contact details are on the right hand side of this page).

The local studies webpages are gradually being revised. If you are unable to find the information that you require, please contact the Devon Heritage Centre by post, email or telephone.

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