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Saturday 18 April 2015

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Devon Town Profiles

Lynton & Lynmouth Devon Town

Lynton & Lynmouth Census Profile - 2011

The Insight & Impact unit (historically The Strategic Intelligence team) has created new profiles from the 2011 Census for the 29 Devon Town areas in the County.

The profiles contain a wide range of themed data to give you an insight view of the people, the housing, employment levels, residents health and religion, qualifications and deprivation in each area.

Lynton & Lynmouth Census Profile - 2011 (59KB - pdf help)

Lynton & Lynmouth Profile

The County Council’s Strategic Intelligence unit has produced a series of profile documents for the 29 Devon Town areas. These profiles provide a statistical overview, based on a series of facts and figures, of what life is like in each area.

The profile is structured around a series of themes to cover social, economic and environmental well being.  It is part of a suite of documents that provide information about the area and the people living there.

Lynton & Lynmouth Profile (400KB - pdf help)

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Profile

These profiles contain a range of NHS Devon, Devon County Council and other local information for health related topics.

Lynton & Lynmouth Devon Town Health Profile

Lynton & Lynmouth Mosaic Profile

The Strategic Intelligence team at DCC has produced detailed profiles - with maps and graphs - of the 29 Devon Town areas using ‘Mosaic’ classifications.  These use a range of sources to identify neighbourhoods at the individual postcode level.  

Mosaic Public Sector is designed to identify groupings of consumer behaviour for households and postcodes.  The methodology used is unique to Experian, and has been redefined during many years of creating classifications using data from different sources and different levels of geography. Around 54% is sourced from the 2001 census and 46% includes the edited Electoral Roll, Experian Lifestyle Survey information and Consumer Credit Activity, Post Office Address File, Shareholders Register, House Price and Council Tax Information and ONS local area statistics.

Mosaic classifies postcodes into 11 Mosaic Groups and then subdivides them further into 61 detailed Mosaic Types.   In each type there are a number of key features which make each category distinctive and are useful to bear in mind when devising communications concerning them.  These are subjective and are intended to highlight key issues rather than to be comprehensive.

It is strongly recommended that each profile is read in conjunction with the Appendix – Guide to Mosaic Groups and Types (89KB - pdf help).

To view the Mosaic profile for the Lynton & Lynmouth Devon Town area click on the link below:

Lynton & Lynmouth Moasic Profiles (1.04MB - pdf help)

Lynton & Lynmouth Population Profile

The Strategic Intelligence section at DCC has produced detailed population projection profiles to the year 2021 - with maps, charts and tables - for the 29 Devon town areas using the 'Chelmer' Model.

The Chelmer Population and Housing Model (CPHM) is the leading British demographic regional housing model developed by the Population and Housing Research Group (PHRG) . It has been purchased by over 50 organisations, including local authorities, the Housebuilders Federation and various consultancy firms.

Each profile shows how much the area is expected to expand and in which age groups - generally in Devon the population is expected to be getting older but these profiles give a detailed local breakdown. Although figures need to be treated with caution at this scale, this is the first time that data lower than District level has been made available

To view population projections for the Lynton & Lynmouth Devon Town area click on the link below:

Lynton & Lynmouth Population Profiles (2.99MB - pdf help)

Further information pertaining to the Lynton & Lynmouth Devon Town area can be viewed via the Devon County Council Market Town Focus Page.

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