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Friday 31 October 2014

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Children in Care

Rifford Road Community Home

15-21 Rifford Road,

Tel: 01392 381091
Fax: 01392 381479

Manager: Rob Oates
Assistant Manager: Carolyn Watts


Rifford Road is a seven-place unit for young people from 13 years old. All the young people we work with are here for different reasons: some may have problems at home, some may be remanded to our care by the courts, some may simply need help with learning the life skills necessary to become independent.

Currently the County Council has suspended placements to the Home.

Aims & Objectives:

The primary function of the unit is to provide independence training to equip young people to achieve their potential.

Specific areas worked upon will depend to some extent on the individual plans drawn up between the young person, the care manager and the unit. These would normally include planning and cooking meals, budgeting, general health care, a positive use of their free time, looking for employment or further education, and looking at the relevant areas of the social security system.

We acknowledge that many young people leaving care experience considerable loneliness, so networking with families and other professional and voluntary bodies is of prime importance in their future wellbeing, in addition to continued support from Rifford Road.

What We Offer:

Because the young people living with us are expected to begin to take responsibility for their own lives, they are fully involved in decisions affecting their futures. Each new admission has a link worker allocated to help, wherever possible prior to their admission, and to monitor progress.

We are keen to work with colleagues and other professionals to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. We acknowledge that the move from being looked after to full independence is a major one. We aim to guide and help young people, having allowed them to make mistakes in a relatively safe environment, having made them feel respected and valued, and having helped them to begin to construct a network of information and contacts which will safeguard them in the community when they finally leave our care.

Referral Process:

Referrals for placements are made through the internal panels by the young person's Social Worker.

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