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Slapton Line


The area of Slapton, in South Devon is a site of great environmental interest as coastal erosion and rising sea levels are slowly washing away a primary route that runs along the line between the two towns of Kingsbridge and Devon. Defra granted £1/4m to a partnership organisation, the Slapton Line Partnership, which has been set up to manage the impact of the evolving coastline on the local communities. For more information, visit www.slaptonlinepartnership.org.uk.

When the coast road was closed after a great storm washed part of it away in 2001, the surrounding communities were unprepared. The storm damage caused great disruption until the road could be fixed and realigned. It was then a partnership of the local authorities and other organisations was formed to seek the best long term management of the road for the local communities.

The partnership organisation known as the Slapton Line Partnership, is made up of Devon County Council, South Hams District Council and Natural England, and is supported by the parish authorities and other interested parties such as and the Environment Agency.