Road Adoption

An adopted road is one that the Council is liable to maintain. Road adoption usually concerns minor and residential roads.

The Highways Act 1980 lays down the process for a highway authority to adopt a road and empowers the Council to accept the maintenance liability for un-adopted roads. These can be either newly constructed development roads, or established roads, which have not been adopted previously.  It is usually the responsibility of the owner(s) to bring the road up to standard prior to its adoption

The reason why a road may have not been adopted is that it doesn't comply with the Authority’s specification for the construction of roads for adoption, or it doesn't meet the design guide criteria for the layout of adopted roads.

If you live in a road that is not currently adopted or you are a developer constructing a new road and you wish to find out more about the possibility of it's adoption please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0845 1551004