Applications for Non-Material Amendments

Applications for non-material amendments following a grant of planning permission - Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Following a grant of planning permission, it may be necessary to make amendments to the permission. Where these are non-material, a special application form should be used. Whether or not a proposed amendment is non-material will depend on the circumstances of the case – a change which may be non-material in one case could be material in another. There is no statutory definition of non-material, but the County Council must be satisfied that the amendment sought is non-material in order to grant an application.

To download the application form for a non-material amendment (or amendments) to an existing planning permission, please follow the link below:-

To view guidance notes for the completion of this form, please follow the link below:-

If an application made on this form is successful, no new planning permission is created. The original permission still stands and should be read in conjunction with the decision letter on this application.