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Advice to help you comply with Trading Standards legislation - From selling a used vehicle to how to label your sandwiches, we have advice leaflets to cover all types of commonly asked questions.

Resources for your Business - Useful downloads and support information, including guidance on selling second hand goods, a cancellation notice for sales in consumers' homes and posters detailing consumers rights for display in your premises..

Business Scams: It Could Be You - Consumers are not the only ones who are targetted by unscrupulous conmen, businesses must also stay vigilent to avoid falling victim to scams, read our scams guide to become forewarned and forearmed...

Product Safety : Guidance and legislation covering the safety of consumer products from toys to fireworks with links to useful websites.

Business to Business Contracts - You have obligations when you sell to consumers, but what about your rights when other businesses sell to you?

Weights and Measures - Do you have weights or measuring scales which require testing or calibration?  Need to organise equipment verification? The Devon Trading Standards Metrology Lab can help!

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Registration and Licensing - Information on applications for Licenses for supplying and keeping a range of products including, poisons, fireworks, petroleum, LPG, and diesel. Also, information and advice on obtaining a credit licence and applying for registration for mixing animal feed and moving livestock.

New Business? - If you have just started, or are about to start a Devon based business, we can offer free expert practical advice on complying with trading law.

TS Connect Newsletter - Sign up here for our Mailing Service and keep up to date with Legal developments product recalls and our initiatives.

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Buy with Confidence - Are you a business customers can trust?  Apply here to join our Good Trader Scheme and use our badge of approval.

Age Restricted Products - Do you sell  age restricted products including alcohol. tobacco products, solvents, axes and knives, lottery and scratch cards?  We can help you and your staff avoid making illegal sales.

Intellectual Property - Concerned about illegal sales of counterfeit items in your business or place of work? We can help with information and advice.

Healthy Local Food - Does your business appeal to a health conscious customer?  We can help…

Want to speak to us about a consumer or trading law related problem?

Our staff can offer advice on a variety of legal issues to help local businesses. We are able to advise you about a range of consumer law and trading law issues for no more than the price of a phone call.  If you have a query about Trading Standards law you can give us a call on 01392 381381 or email us. For simple queries we might be able to advise you over the telephone, or for more in depth enquiries and requests for guidance we can arrange to visit you and go through our advice in detail.  

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