Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders

Committee Minutes

Thu Nov 11 2010

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Devon County Council

Councillors Brook (Chairman), Clarence, Connett, Mrs Fry, Gribble, Hook, McMurray and Walters

Teignbridge District Council

Councillors Mrs Cook, Haines, Mrs Prowse


Councillors Clatworthy and Smith

*30 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2010 be signed as a correct


*31 Brunswick Street/George Street, Teignmouth

The Chairman considered this item as a matter of urgency due to recent representations

made to Cllr McMurray. Cllr McMurray reported that local traders and others had

expressed their concerns to him that the new traffic arrangements were not working

properly and requested a report to the next meeting. He also hoped this would be

discussed that the Teignmouth Town Centre Management Partnership. No

representations had however been received by the Chief Assistant Engineer (South).

RESOLVED that Cllr McMurray forward on the representations to the officers and discuss

the concerns, with a report to the next meeting if appropriate.

*32 Chudleigh Knighton

The Chairman considered this item as a matter of urgency since this had arisen at the Teignbridge Locality (County) Committee earlier in the day. The Chairman reported Councilor Frost s concerns (Teignbridge District local member) and those of Chudleigh Town Council and others that a significant new housing development would place additional traffic at the southernmost chicane on the main street. He hoped this had been fully taken into consideration when the planning consent was granted and requested the officers look into the working of this particular chicane in light of the new development.

RESOLVED that the officers investigate this further and discuss with the local County and

district Councillors, with a report to the next meeting if appropriate.

*33 A379 Dawlish

The Chairman acknowledged a petition from residents requesting traffic calming measures at the Dawlish end of the A379, however this stretch of road was not part of the A379 report being considered today (report EEC/10/21, minute 34 below). The officers would look into the A379 at Dawlish further as a separate issue and report back if necessary.

34 Traffic Management A379 Exeter to Starcross, Road Safety Review

The Committee considered the report of the Chief Assistant Engineer (South) (EEC/10/211/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/10/211/HQ) on road safety concerns locally about the A379 between Matford roundabout and Starcross and road safety review including collision record analysis and speed limits. As part of the 2009/10 annual collision cluster review, Powderham Arch was identified as a Casualty and Severity Reduction site with construction programmed for end October 2010. The report indicated that scope to improved passenger facilities at Red Lodge would be explored from current year allocations however funding from national government for the Local Transport Plan had been subject to in year reductions of some 25% ( 2.05m countywide). The report concluded that it would not represent value for money to amend existing speed limits at this time, although signing rationalisation should be carried out.

The local member welcomed the road safety review but still had safety concerns, including speeding motorists and the inconsistency of traffic speed limits along this stretch of the A379 which should be amended; that he felt there was the need for double white lines in the Red Lodge area and the need for a safe place for bus passengers to stand near the Red Lodge (Exeter bound). These concerns were also shared by the West Exe Parish Cluster and others.

The Chief Assistant Engineer (South) supported the need for a stand for bus passengers, but advised that the request for double white lines and changes to speed limits had been carefully considered but could not recommend these proposals, nor were they in accordance with national guidance and County Council policy.


(a) that the report be noted;

(b) that the urgent placement of a safe bus passenger waiting area in the vicinity of the Red Lodge (Exeter direction) be approved;

(c) that as an exception to the Council s policy approval be given to:-

(i) the instalment of double white lines in the vicinity of the Red Lodge junction;

(ii) a continuous speed limit of 30mph from Starcross to Kenton; and 50mph Kenton to the Swans Nest

and the matter be submitted to the Cabinet for determination;

(d) that a sign de-clutter and rationalisation be carried out on the A379 to provide a consistent standard, whilst taking into account amended signing as a result of the highway changes above.

*35 Road Casualties in Teignbridge in 2009

The Committee considered the report of the Chief Assistant Engineer (South) (EEC/10/212/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/10/212/HQ), on injury collision data in Teignbridge for last year, compared to other areas of Devon and past performance. In Teignbridge 2009 there had been a reduction in casualties of 7% to 513 from 2008 and these casualties had resulted in 363 separate collisions which was a 19% reduction. Of the 4 fatal and 23 serious injury collisions in Teignbridge in 2009, inappropriate speed was the biggest single factor identified by the police. It was noted that of those collisions 3 resulting in fatality and one resulting in serious injury occurred on the A38 Trunk Road managed by the Highways Agency.

2009 collisions included a large number of random collisions and there were relatively few identifiable patterns where a value for money scheme could be identified and supported.

Members valued the role of road safety education and awareness and hoped this would further promote awareness around eg motorcyclists including those 40+, elderly drivers, speed and drink driving.

RESOLVED that the reduction in injury collisions be welcomed.

*36 Junction Improvements Court Street/Betton Way, Moretonhampstead

The Committee considered the report of the Chief Assistant Engineer (South) (EEC/10/213/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/10/213/HQ), recommending construction of a mini roundabout at the junction of Court Street and Betton Way as phase 1 of The Betton Way Link Road. The local member welcomed the scheme and expressed appreciation at the continued support to the community on this from Derek Moss, Area Traffic Engineer, as well as Dartmoor NPA planning approval and parish council support.


(a) that the proposed roundabout shown on drawing no B07028/17 be approved for construction at an estimated cost of 157,200;

(b) that permission be granted to purchase the necessary land by negotiation.

37 Community Infrastructure Funded (CIF) Schemes, Kingsteignton

(a) Proposed Zebra Crossing, Strap Lane Junction, Exeter Road, Kingsteignton Scheme for Approval

The Committee considered the report of the Chief Assistant Engineer (South) (EEC/10/214/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/10/214/HQ), to improve pedestrian crossing facilities between the Sandygate Mill area and facilities at Kingsteignton, including Rydon Primary School recommending the provision of a Zebra crossing at the Strap Lane Junction. This would include Belisha beacons topped by floodlights to link in with an existing appropriate electricity supply available at this location.

This scheme would be relatively low cost and funded primarily from the Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF). To qualify for this funding the scheme needed to be completed before 31 March 2011 or the funding had to be returned to central government. This was part of a transport infrastructure package for a new housing development at Newcross, Kingsteignton.

The local member considered a pedestrian crossing was very necessary, but however recommended a light controlled pedestrian crossing for various factors including lack of street lighting and suggested that CIF funding proposed to be used for a signalised junction at Newcross should not proceed but instead should be used to fund Strap Lane.

The Chief Assistant Engineer advised that this scheme may be relatively temporary given developments in the area and would cost considerably more and should CIF money be used there could be difficulty in this being completed before 31 March 2011.

Members also considered the second CIF scheme in Kingsteignton in (b) below before making a decision:-

(b) Traffic Lights at Chudleigh Road and Old Exeter Road/

Community Infrastructure Fund Teignbridge Infrastructure Package Improvements to Old Exeter Road and Newcross Junction with Chudleigh Road, Kingsteignton

Councillor Walters requested this item be placed on the agenda in accordance with SO23(2). The Committee considered the report of the Chief Assistant Engineer (South) (EEC/10/215/HQ - text only | pdf EEC/10/215/HQ), advising of improvements for the Old Exeter Road and Newcross junction being progressed with Community Infrastructure Funds.

The local member was concerned that the proposals set out in the report for traffic controlled signals at the Newcross roundabout did not account for future traffic flows and that a roundabout should remain and if necessary improved. There was concern that the proposals had not been made clear when the necessary planning applications had been approved.

RESOLVED that the position be noted and the Cabinet be recommended, as an exception to policy:-

(i) that the proposed traffic controlled signals at Newcross do not proceed, but that this junction remain a roundabout;

(ii) that a traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing at the Strap Lane Junction, Exeter Road, Kingsteignton be approved, to be funded from the CIF funding allocated for Newcross;

(iii) that the necessary Notices for (ii) be advertised.

*38 Policy for Highway Winter Service

The Committee welcomed the policy changes and measures taken to improve winter service following the last two years severe weather and consideration by the Environment, Economy and Culture Task Group. Members also received the accompanying Winter Service and Emergency Plan 2010-2011.

*39 Compulsory Purchase Order and Casualty Severity Reduction Scheme at Two Mile Oak, Abbotskerswell

The Chief Assistant Engineer (South) reported that a compulsory purchase order had now been confirmed to enable the safety and highway maintenance scheme previously approved by this Committee to proceed at a cost of around 180k. Members welcomed the progress of this safety scheme and that it would be constructed within this financial year.

*40 Future Meetings of the Committee

Dates approved within the County Council Calendar:

Thurs 17 March 2011 (replaces Thurs 7 April)

Thurs 7 July 2011

Thurs 10 November 2011

Thurs 15 March 2012.

All meetings commencing at 2.15pm, in the Council Chamber at Forde House, Newton

Abbot unless otherwise specified.

*41 Derek Moss, Area Traffic Engineer

The Chairman and members paid tribute to Derek Moss service to the authority on his

retirement and expressed their very best wishes for a long and happy retirement.


The meeting started at 2.15pm and finished at 4.20pm

Date Published: Tue Nov 30 2010