Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders

Committee Minutes

Thu Nov 10 2011

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Devon County Council

Councillors Brook (Chairman), Barker, Clarance, Clatworthy, Mrs Fry, Gribble, Hook, McMurray, Smith and Walters

Teignbridge District Council

Councillor Mrs Prowse


Councillors Connett (DCC) and Haines (TDC)

*54 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 July 2011 be signed as a

correct record, subject to the addition of Councillor Mrs Fry to the list of apologies.

*55 Devon Highways One Team

Mr Peter Brunt, Devon Highways Change Manager, Highways and Traffic Management made a presentation on changes planned in DCC s highway management review as a result of the significant savings needed to be taken by the authority. The presentation included ways of reducing the impact of the budget reductions through restructuring proposals, which had been the subject to an ongoing programme of consultation with staff, and working more efficiently to reduce operational costs whilst protecting the front line highway service. The presentation also included the outcome of a review of the service with recommendations of moving to joint working with SW Highways in the form of a Virtual Joint Venture (VJV) (the current Term Maintenance Contract (TMC) would be in operation until its renewal in 2017), centralising key work programmes and processes and establishing Neighbourhood Highway Teams to support members and meet the Localism agenda. Core principles included a One Team approach between DCC and SW Highways and securing the continuity and improved efficiency of the current contract.

A member expressed concern at the formation of a virtual joint venture and whether for transparency, DCC was keeping its commissioning role sufficiently separate from its contractor (currently S W Highways) given the One Team approach. The ability to deliver whilst making significant staffing reductions required was also questioned. In response it was noted that various commissioning models were considered before the shared risk, shared rewards joint venture model was pursued and an arms length approach satisfied the commissioning model. There was also an ongoing audit and performance monitoring process. Staffing reductions had been 10% over the last 2 years and a further 10% over the next 2 years was likely with improved working helping to maintain the provision of the service.

RESOLVED that the County Solicitor forward a copy of the presentation to members.

*56 Gatehouse School and Dawlish Community College Access Improvements

Scheme Approval

The Committee considered the report of the Head of Highways and Traffic Management (HTM/11/26 - text only | pdf | supplementary information HTM/11/26) to widen the existing footway on Elm Grove Road between Gatehouse School and the Community College to provide a shared use footway/cycleway link between the schools and Elm Grove Drive/Sandy Lane used by pupils and parents. This would reduce the road width in parts where necessary parking restrictions would be introduced. The local members welcomed the report proposals.

It was also suggested that should only a small area of grass verge remain when the footway was widened it may merit its removal altogether due to cost and ongoing maintenance.

There was also new housing development proposed in the area and it was hoped that some of the S106 developer contributions would fund a controlled crossing of Exeter Road in the vicinity of Sandy Lane and also complement the scheme being proposed today.

A new cycleway link referred to in paragraph 3 of the report into the rear of the Community College from the Teignbridge DC car park would need planning permission as referred to

and would be delivered in subsequent years. However the current scheme would now be on highway land and could be delivered within this financial year. A significant financial contribution was also anticipated from the SUSTRANS fund for Links to Schools.


(a) that the scheme detailed in layout drawing number B11008/06 and shown in Appendix 1 of report HTM/11/26 - text only | pdf | supplementary information HTM/11/26 be approved for construction at an estimated cost of 158,000;

(b) that permission be granted to advertise the necessary Traffic Regulation Order and if no objections are received the Order be made and sealed.

*57 Road Casualties in Teignbridge in 2010

The Committee received the report of the Head of Highways and Traffic Management (HTM/11/27 - text only | pdf HTM/11/27) on injury collision data in Teignbridge for 2010, compared to other areas of Devon and past performance. In Teignbridge 2010 there had been a reduction in casualties of 7 to 506 from 2009. The 506 casualties in Teignbridge comprised 4 fatalities, 52 serious injuries and 450 slight injuries. The fatal and serious injury collisions suggested that 21 could be caused by inappropriate speeds, 23 collisions were single vehicle incidents and 18 involved motorcyclists.

2010 collisions included a large number of random collisions and there were relatively few identifiable patterns where a value for money scheme could be identified and supported.

The overall trend for fatalities and serious injuries continued to reduce across Teignbridge and Devon which could be due to a number of factors increased crash protection from newer vehicles, better emergency care, targeted enforcement, Casualty and Severity Reduction scheme sites and road safety education.

*58 Objections to Traffic Regulation Order Introducing New Areas of Residents' Parking in Newton Abbot

The Neighbourhood Highway Manager presented drawings and reported on proposals to introduce new areas of residents parking, given that some residential housing particularly in the centre of Newton Abbot did not have off road parking and streets were used by commuters and shoppers to park, with increasing traffic congestion.

Initial consultation (including residents) was carried out during June and July and the advertised traffic orders process ended on 7 November 2011. Representations received were reported and circulated representations were not universal, with objections, support and comments (including support of Newton Abbot Town Council) received. These had been accommodated wherever possible within the proposals. In the Osborne Street area, objections had been received from Buckland View residents and proposals therefore amended including the extension of parking along Osborne Park. As part of the scheme pay display restrictions rather than time limited only parking restrictions were also recommended as being easier to enforce, as well as contributing to the costs of residents parking.

The officers and local County Councillors had worked together very closely on this to try to find the best solution for residents and the town alike.

Points raised by members included:-

- the recognition that as well as having implications for residents, businesses etc within the town, Newton Abbot also served a wider community as a key market town within Teignbridge;

- the enforcement of the parking restrictions was important to local residents and the successful operation of this scheme. Discussions should be held with Teignbridge District Council on the management of this - to date the District Council had not raised this as a concern, but members questioned this and felt that the current enforcement officers would be stretched and this should be reviewed;

- that caution was needed regarding the displacement of parking and effects on the town s off street District Council car parks;

- that in the Courtenay Park area commuters were parking all day, particularly on the south side of Courtenay Park making it difficult for the bowling club to use parking near to the club and a four hour restriction on the south side would ease this. However it would also not be desirable to discourage the public from using the park itself for shorter periods. Parking in the remainder of the Courtenay Park area should be reviewed;

- that other parking for commuters around Newton Abbot should be considered;

- that there was a need to review the scheme within 9 months of implementation, although it was recognised that it was easier to add areas rather than remove them from the scheme.

RESOLVED that the following be approved:-

(a) Abbotsbury Area omit proposal to change current Residents Only parking area on south side of Chelston Road to shared use, otherwise confirm the advertised Traffic Regulation Order (TRO);

(b) Church Road Area confirm TRO as advertised but re-consult and devise an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) to address residents parking issues, alterations to ETRO to be discussed with the local County Councillors prior to implementation;

(c) Forde Park Area make as advertised, subject to ETRO proposals for Church Road area;

(d) Powderham Terrace area omit George Street from proposals to allow further consultation with residents, otherwise confirm the advertised TRO;

(e) Gloucester Road area omit Bowden Hill from Residents Parking Scheme, otherwise confirm the advertised TRO;

(f) Osborne Street area change double yellow lines in Osborne Street area to single yellow lines 8am 6pm Monday to Saturday, otherwise confirm the advertised TRO;

(g) that the advertised TRO in respect of other areas be confirmed;

(h) that proposals for Courtenay Park be developed with the local County Councillors for consultation including the South Side of Courtenay Park becoming 4 hours restricted pay and display parking;

(i) that the scheme imposed by this TRO be reviewed within 9 months of implementation, in consultation with local County Councillors and refer back to this Committee to determine further action if necessary;

(j) that talks be held with Teignbridge District Council regarding enforcement within all of the locations (a) - (i) above.

*59 Extinguishment of Highway at Shaldon Road, Newton Abbot

The Committee considered the report of the Head of Highways and Traffic Management (HTM/11/28 - text only | pdf HTM/11/28), on proposals for an extinguishment of a small area of highway at the western end of the rear of Pineway House curtilage on St Marychurch Road, Newton Abbot. The highway was of no use to the general public as a bank and had remained following the Shaldon Road improvements but was not needed for further improvements and had been rendered inaccessible by the erection of a retaining wall at the side of Shaldon Road.

RESOLVED that no objection be made to the stopping up of the highway under Section 116 of the Highways Act 1980 at Shaldon Road, Newton Abbot as shown on drawing DC 01.

*60 Actions Taken under Delegated Powers

The Committee received the report of the Head of Highways and Traffic Management (HTM/11/29 - text only | pdf HTM/11/29), regarding action since the last meeting ie the advertisement of a traffic order and where objections had been received these had been dealt with by consultation with the Chairman and local members ie:-

Devon County Council (Various Streets Ashburton) (Control of Waiting Loading) Amendment Order 2011for Removal of parking zone and replacement with more traditional road markings, also additional restrictions in Chuley Road Order made and sealed as advertised.

*61 Future Meetings

All meetings to commence at 2.15pm (unless otherwise specified) at Forde House, Newton Abbot:-

Thursday 15 March 2012

Thursday 5 July 2012

Thursday 15 November 2012

Thursday 14 March 2013.

Meetings commencing at 2.15pm, Council Chamber at Forde House, Newton Abbot unless otherwise specified.


The meeting started at 2.15pm and finished at 4.20pm

Date Published: Fri Nov 18 2011