Satellite Navigation

Whilst satellite navigation systems provide a valuable tool for drivers navigating through an area that they are unfamiliar with, it needs to be remembered that they are simply an aid and nothing can replace the need for planning of journeys and map reading skills.

The responsibility of safely navigating around the highway network is entirely that of the driver and the use of satellite navigation system does not discharge this responsibility.

Satellite navigation systems are currently only tailored for car drivers, and for HGV drivers may offer inappropriate guidance. If you are a driver of a HGV or any towing vehicle, it is advisable to plan your journey carefully and follow existing directional signage provided on our network.

Based on legal restrictions and known physical restrictions a set of “Point of Interest” (POI) data is being generated for download onto existing sat nav systems. This set will not be exhaustive and is based on known problems and fault reporting through the web site.