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Road Safety

Road Safety Engineering

Devon County Council regularly studies its database of road traffic collisions to search for identifiable trends and emerging problem areas and demographics. They are identified via our annual collision investigation processes. There are no fixed parameters for our investigation processes - route, area, demographic and site analysis parameters can change each year.

The annual collision investigation processes are overseen by the Safer Travel Programme Officer and usually involve:

  • Safer Travel Officers
  • Neighbourhood Highway Officers

And can also include:

  • Highways Road Engineers & Designers
  • Highways Asset Management Team
  • Highways Programme & Reactive Delivery Group
  • Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
  • Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service
  • Local Approved Driving Instructors

Following analysis remedial actions to prevent further collisions are considered. These actions can be measures to alter the highway environment, education packages to better inform and train drivers or enforcement initiatives to ensure driving is better regulated.

A Countywide programme of highway improvement schemes along with the appropriate funding are submitted by the County Council's Executive Committee, and approved schemes are implemented during the following financial year.

Casualty and Severity Reduction (CSR) Schemes

A Casualty and Severity Reduction Scheme (CSR) is a road improvement scheme implemented on local roads to address identified road safety problems and reduce the number and severity of road traffic collisions.  A CSR scheme may involve simple things like adding a new sign or road markings, or more complex things like changing the layout or geometry of the road. A CSR scheme can be applied at a specific site (for example, at a junction), along a route or over an area.

Speeding and Speed Complaint Action Review Forum

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