Sustainable Travel

TravelSmart – helping you change the way you travel

TravelSmartTravelSmart is an innovative project in Exeter and Exminster offering households information and supportto enable people to walk, cycle and use public transport more often.  The scheme started in January 2008 and will run until summer 2009. It aims to reduce car use and encourage healthier lifestyles by increasing active travel in our everyday routine.

A total of 25,000 households across Exeter and Exminster will receive the offer of free travel information and support. Residents can choose from a wide selection of information such as local walking and cycling maps, bus timetables, as well as information about discounts and the opportunity of a personal advice session with an expert. The information pack is delivered to households on foot or by bike.


Devon County Council is delivering the project in partnership with:

  • Exeter City Council

  • Sustrans, the national sustainable transport charity

  • Socialdata, travel behaviour research experts

  • The Big Lottery Fund

The project is also being supported by local businesses involved in active travel along with train and bus operators.

To supplement the TravelSmart project, detailed travel behaviour research was undertaken in Exeter and Exminster before the start of the project with further research to be carried out at the end.  The findings so far have shown that:

  • Most of people’s day-to-day trips are local
  • A quarter of all car trips are under two miles
  • Over half of all local car trips could be made by walking, cycling or public transport.
  • Most people are concerned about traffic growth and support policies which favour walking, cycling and public transport.
  • Lack of information, motivation, and the misperception of travel time are the main obstacles to changing travel behaviour.

TravelSmartTravelSmart will enable residents of Exeter and Exminster to do their bit to tackle congestion and reduce their carbon footprint whilst keeping fit and healthy!

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