Our Services

Strategic Recruitment

The people you need, when you need them.

Our highly experienced team can provide bespoke solutions to resolve your recruitment issues and assist in developing recruitment strategies.  These may include addressing challenges such as:

  • Limited candidate flow in a skill shortage market
  • Attracting the right calibre of applicant
  • Interview selection and assessment advice
  • Co-ordinating careers fairs, recruitment road shows and similar events
  • Strategies to attract future potential recruits from an earlier stage
  • Recognising equality and diversity
  • Entry to work schemes
  • New Deal schemes

Coordinating Recruitment Campaigns

We offer the facility to co-ordinate your entire recruitment campaign from advert to assessment centre.  Including:

  • The advertising campaign
  • Managing the responses
  • Long listing applicants
  • Providing shortlisting, panel and attendee packs for those involved
  • Booking rooms required and arranging refreshments
  • Inviting candidates to attend
  • Organising a comprehensive programme for the process
  • Coordinating the assessment including ushering on the day of the process to ensure the process runs to time

Rates vary depending on complexity of work from £180 - £360 per day (hourly rates available).

Recruitment Services is a self-funding department and needs to ensure that all overheads are covered. In order to provide an estimated cost we will need to gather information such as what elements you would like us to co-ordinate, estimated number of candidates for each role etc. Ideally we would meet with you to scope the work involved and draft an action plan and discuss a more accurate estimate. If you are unsure how to progress we are happy to use our experience to provide suggestions.

For further information please email strategicrecruitment@devon.gov.uk.

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