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How to place an advert

After Writing the Advertisement

The people you need, when you need them.

Where are the mistakes?

  • When you have finished writing, read the copy through - carefully and critically.
  • Check punctuation, spelling and sense.  Your eye will see what it expects to see, so mistakes are easily made.
  • Remember to use spell check as well as grammar checking.
  • Always assess the advertisement's impact.  Would it make you want to apply?
  • Check back against the Job Description and Person Specification - have you conveyed exactly what you intended?
  • Look at the structure of what you have written.
  • Be mindful of discriminatory language.  Not just the obvious no-no's, but implied discrimination too.  For example, it's a fact that fewer people from certain ethnic minorities attend university, so check whether your request for a degree is really necessary.
  • Track copy-performance; ask short-listed candidates what they remember about the advertisement.
  • Ask someone else to read and check it.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in these pages please email firstop@devon.gov.uk or call on 01392 383000.

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