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Wonford HomeZone

Structural Components

Wonford HomeZone

The Home Zone also incorporates a number of structural components that form a reoccurring part of the overall design of the Home Zone


In embracing the Home Zone concept the road levels will be raised so that the street surface is all at one level. Contrasting surface materials will then be used to delineate vehicle pathways and parking areas and to help break up the uniformity of the street. This will be accomplished by using bound local stone gravel as a flooring material. The parking areas will incorporate a charcoal grey coloured aggregate whilst a pink/red coloured gravel taken from Devon’s White Ball quarry will be used around the vehicle pathways.  A tarmacadam with a red/grey colour aggregate will form the designated vehicle pathways.

The ‘Street Squares’ will be set out using a Tegula paving. Grey coloured paving will form a border around a smaller square paved in rusty red coloured Tegula sets, acting as a contrast to this material.

Wonford HomeZone

Wonford HomeZone

Wonford HomeZone