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Power to the City

Power to the City

Power to the City

The History of The Exeter Electric Light & Power Station  -  Haven Road, Exeter

(Dick Passmore)

The Exeter Electric Light & Power Station - more commonly known as Exeter Power Station, or Exeter Generating Station - supplied Exeter with power from 1905 until 1960.  It also supplied electricity to run Exeter's trams until 1931, when motorised vehicles replaced them.

Power to the City tells the story of this fascinating Edwardian building, fortunately saved from the ignominy of demolition.  The book contains over one hundred photographs (many never having being published before), and inlcudes chapters on how electricity came to Exeter, the previous Power Station, the days of coal-fired furnaces and steam-driven generators, and the Exeter Tramways Corporation.  It also discusses the immediate future for the building.  Although in the process of being converted, the building will retain its character and originality in one of Exeter's historic areas.

Format: Paperback, 14.8 x 21 cm, 126 pages

© Dick Passmore, 2008

ISBN: 9 780954 447250

Price: £7.50