Carers in Devon

Carer health and wellbeing checks

Health and wellbeing checks are a holistic assessment of a carer. Provided by GP practices and pharmacies the enhanced service will:

  • increase the recognition of and support to carers in GP Practices and pharmacies
  • identify more carers and enable them to access the wider support available
  • maximise the physical and mental health and wellbeing of carers
  • give carers a structured consultation to consider their own health and wellbeing
  • improve carers choice and control
  • promote Devon Virtual Carers Centre
  • narrow the inequalities experienced by carers.

The scheme, funded by DCC and NHS Devon until early 2013, was re-launched toward the end of last year taking on the learning from an 18 month pilot programme in Devon.

The hour long check is currently being conducted by workers in GP Practices and Pharmacies across the county targeting carers who are aged 40-74 and carers at risk of emergency admission. In due course this will be expanded to the Devon Virtual Carers Centre which provides prevention and early intervention services for the unpaid caring community.

Aspects covered by the check include:

  • A vascular check (if appropriate) covering blood pressure, cholesterol, and pulse.
  • Lifestyle advice and access to routine health screening
  • In their caring role whether they have concerns about their personal and home safety
  • Their access to work, education and leisure.
  • How they working with others as an expert carer
  • Whether they need help with benefits entitlements and managing money

Action planning forms an important part of the service and the check provider has access to a range of support packages to help the carer plan improvements of their physical and mental health and wellbeing. A 6 month review is included in the scheme.

The list of pharmacies and GP Practices providing the health and wellbeing checks are here image - PDF icon (339KB - pdf help)

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