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Devon Structure Plan

[List of Maps] [List of Tables] [List of Figures]

Map 1Administrative Boundaries in Devonviii
Map 2Relief Map of Devon5
Map 3Population Distribution by Main Settlements (1991)6
Map 4Increase in Dwelling Stock 1981 -19917
Map 5European and Regional Context9
Map 6Devon Strategy Diagram18
Map 7Devon Landscape Character Zones31
Map 8Landscape Policy Areas (July 1999)35
Map 9Natural Areas (July 1999)41
Map 10Nature Conservation Designations in Devon (July 1999)42
Map 11Agricultural Land Classification47
Map 12Devon Distance Recreational Cycle Route Network (July 1999)53
Map 13Devon Rail Network57
Map 14Devon Road Network (1996)61
Map 15High Quality Road Network (2011)62
Map 16Areas eligible for funding through European Regional Policy and Social Policies (July 1999)79
Map 17Areas eligible for Assistance from Central Government (July 1999)80
Map 18Long Distance Walking / Cycle Route Network95
Map 19Retail Floorspace Provision at 1991100
 Key Diagraminside Back cover
 List of Tables 
Table 1Area Centres identified in previous Structure Plan (Third Alteration)22
Table 2Selected Local Centres identified in previous Structure Plan (Third Alteration)23
Table 3Dwelling provision by strategic area compared with past building patterns73
Table 4Change in household structure in Devon 1995 to 2011 (DoE projections)73
Table 5Dwellings built and committed at 1998 and additional provision to 201174
Table 6Employment land built and committed at 1998 and additional provision to 201185
Table 7Resorts to which Policy E5 is applicable88
 List of Figures 
Figure 1Total quantity of controlled waste arising in Devon 1997/844
Figure 2National Road Traffic Forecasts (1998 White Paper)49
Figure 3Population change 1981 to 199571
Figure 4Population change by District 1971 to 1981, 1981 to 1991, and 1991 to 199572
Figure 5Dwelling completions by District 1991 to 199572
Figure 6Employees in Employment 1984 to 199578
Figure 7Unemployment – Britain, South West and Devon Travel to Work Areas81
Figure 8Annual Tourist Nights in Devon 1974 to 199787
Figure 9Annual Tourist Nights by type of accommodation 199787
Figure 10Tourist Spending – Annual income by type of accommodation87
Figure 11Monthly breakdown of tourist nights 199788
Figure 12Occupancy of Touring Caravan Parks – peak of season90