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Community Development

Community Strategy

Community Strategy

  • What is Community Strategy?

Community strategies are overarching documents, which sit at the apex of all strategic and service plans in a particular area and which promote a long term vision for improving the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of an area.

As well as providing and promoting a vision for, and an overview of what is happening in, an area community strategies identify cross-cutting priorities which require action at the strategic level, issues such as tackling social inclusion, access to services, health inequalities etc.  This Strategy's aim is to reflect the main priorities of Devon's residents and communities.

Why have a Community Strategy?

Most of us who live in Devon understand that the quality of life we enjoy cannot be bettered anywhere else and it is for this reason Devon is a place which many people wish to visit and relocate.  This was confirmed in 2002, when following a "Quality of Life" survey by MORI 87% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the area as a place to live.  This is the highest satisfaction level recorded by MORI anywhere in the country.  Why, then, do need a Community Strategy? The answer is that no situation is ever completely ideal and no circumstances ever static, so we need to :

  • Adapt to change, which is often beyond our control or determined elsewhere, for example; climate change and the globalisation of markets and trade.
  • Ensure that all people in the County experience a good quality of life and so build an inclusive Devon.
  • Make sure that Devon punches its weight nationally, regionally and in Europe and is treated fairly by Government.
  • Work to offset the disadvantages that accompany rurality and geographic areas, for example: poor transport links and low wages.
  • Look after our unique environment and unique patchwork of communities, so that they are not compromised for future generations.

Such issues as those listed above have the characteristic that they are complex and require a multi-agency approach for their resolution and this is what community planning aims to achieve.

Devon is loved by both residents and visitors alike.  If we love something, or someone, we want the best for them.  This Community Strategy seeks to promote a vision of how we can improve our already good quality of life in the face of the many complex challenges confronting us, which in turn dictate that we cannot preserve what we have in aspic.

The Community Strategy for Devon, publishes in June 2004, is the document that takes the challenges facing Devon, wit the vision for Devon, and outlines actions that the Devon Strategic Partnership believe should be taken.  It builds on the work of Focus on Devon.

It was the result of true partnership working, with many people from different sectors and organisations working together to produce a joint document.

The current strategy will be renewed in mid 2007 to reflect the changes to Devon and its people, to recognise the community planning that has happened throughout Devon's communities in recent years, and to respond to the direction of Government thinking.