Teignbridge and East Devon area

Teign Valley and Slopes

Teign valley and slopes. Photo courtesy of Teignbridge District Council

The Teign valley is perhaps the most dramatically steep and consistently wooded valley in Devon. Its steep, deep, narrow valley, twisting course, woodlands and nearby moor on Dartmoor are inspiring. It provides a wooded and often rocky flank to the eastern boundary of Dartmoor National Park. The steepness of the valley sides is accentuated by the height of the land either side, giving it a distinctive appearance in the wider landscape. The valley floor is relatively narrow (even in the south) and is flat-bottomed, open and marked by the tree-lined course of the river with occasional historic stone bridges, which add interest. Frequent broadleaved woodland along the valley sides (some ancient), gives a heavily wooded appearance, although many areas are in fact pastoral. These are marked by small, irregular fields with mature hedges and broken by a series of interlocking tributary valleys – particularly to the north where the valleys become narrower and more intimate. This is a landscape with high levels of tranquillity and dark night skies. Within the valley are scattered settlements and farmsteads and there has been a history of mining, reflected in the now dismantled railway.

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Teign Valley and SlopesThis area comprises the middle Teign valley between Dunsford in the north and Chudleigh in the south. It is a linear landscape with a north-south orientation flanked to the north by the higher ridges of the Yeo Valley Uplands, to the west by the rising fringes of Dartmoor and to the east by the wooded Haldon Ridge.


Constituent Landscape Character Types

Constituent LCTs:3A: Upper Farmed and Wooded Valley Slopes, 5A: Inland Elevated Undulating Land, 1E: Wooded Ridges and Hilltops, 3F: Settled Valley Floor
Part of NCA:150: Dartmoor


Distinctive Characteristics



Special Qualities and Features:

Forces for Change and Their Landscape Implications:

Past and Current




Overall Strategy:

To protect the valley and the pattern of pastoral fields, broadleaved woodlands, hedgebanks and narrow lanes that is fundamental to the integrity of this character area. New development is integrated sensitively within the existing landscape pattern of small-scale pastoral fields, mature woodland, hedgebanks and narrow lanes and reflects the small-scale, scattered settlement pattern and vernacular character. Recreation is sensitively developed and the special qualities of the landscape are interpreted.