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Children's Services Performance Plan 2004

This plan is designed to follow the goals and objectives contained within the Children’s Services Strategy and the Green Paper ‘Every Child Matters’. It reflects our statutory and lead agency responsibilities and sits alongside other plans being led by partner agencies that are responsible for providing the range of universal, preventative or specialist service to children, young people and families.

Effective delivery of this plan will often be dependant on partnership and multi-disciplinary working at either; strategic (county), local or individual case level.

It is designed around six key priority outcome areas:

The plans do not attempt to contain all the objectives and performance indicators the division needs to respond to but those that are most likely to assist us in taking forward the ongoing service development and modernisation needed to achieve the best possible outcomes in the six priority areas. The 'routine' objectives for service delivery and associated performance indicators will be monitored through the division’s normal performance monitoring arrangements - these include quarterly performance monitoring reviews and completion of the Delivery and Improvement statement.