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Community Right to Challenge

Helping communities help themselves is one of our top priorities. We want to continue to work with communities, enabling them to participate in decision-making and have more influence, choice and control over the way in which local services are shaped and delivered. If you are interested in this then the most obvious point of contact is your local councillor.

The Government has also chosen certain approaches through the Localism Act to help commnities have greater influence on local services. This includes the "Community Right to Challenge".

From June 2012 various people and organisations (relevant bodies), including members of staff, can make a ‘bid’ to run a council service using this Community Right.

If you wish to submit the Expression of Interest please read the attached Guidance for applicants & recipients image - PDF icon (177KB - pdf help)



At the end of June the Government published the statutory guidance regarding the Community Right to Challenge (CRtC). They stated that their policy intention was to “pave the way for more communities to help shape and run excellent local services. This might include making services more responsive to local needs, offering additional social value outcomes, or delivering better value for money. It may act as a springboard for radical re-shaping of services, or simply trigger small changes that will make a big difference to the quality of service communities receive”.

  • The CRtC was introduced under the Localism Act 2012 and allows a ‘relevant body’ to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to run a local authority service. A relevant body may be:
    • parish council
    • a voluntary or community body
    • a charity
    • at least two members of local authority staff.
  • Devon County Council must consider an EOI and either accept, modify and accept or reject it. Acceptance of an EOI triggers a competitive procurement exercise for the service
  • Any procurement process that may follow acceptance of an EOI is a separate matter for which there are already well established and agreed processes
  • The legislation specifies Devon County Council’s obligations and, in light of these, we have decided to:
    • Publish guidance as to the process for enquiring about an expression of interest and submitting an expression of interest on our website
    • Provide an up-to-date register of current contracts/tenders, when they expire and when a procurement exercise will be commenced
    • Invite Expressions of Interest to be submitted for any eligible council service that is not already under contract (see above) between 1 and 31 March each year
    • The maximum period of 30 days (post 31 March) that we will inform the submitter of the EOI when we will make a decision on the EOI. Included in this will be a date by which (if the EOI is successful in triggering a procurement exercise, when this will commence)
    • All of the above must be published on the Council’s web site together with details of EOIs considered and the outcome.
  • The Council therefore has put in place mechanisms for recording, tracking and coordinating the receipt and processing of EOIs and ensuring that this integrated with our business planning, budgeting and procurement cycles.


Important information and next steps

1. Want to know about submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Community Right to Challenge? Then please read the attached Guidance for applicants & recipients image - PDF icon (177KB - pdf help) on submitting an ‘EOI’.

2. Do you want to check if the service you wish to submit an ‘EOI’ is already under contract?. If it is under contract then you will have to wait until the expiry of the contract to participate in the re-tendering / re-procurement process.

3. If the service you wish to submit an EOI is not on the list then there is one window each year (March 1 – March 31) that you can submit EOIs to be considered.

4. If, after following the above step (1-3) you are still considering submitting an EOI then please email to discuss your options.

5. If after step 4 you wish to continue to submit an EOI then please follow the attached Guidance for applicants & recipients image - PDF icon (177KB - pdf help).

6. Once you have completed your EOI in accordance with the guidelines then please submit the expression of Interest to Please ensure that you put in "CRtC EOI submission" in the subject-line. You should get an automated confirmation receipt and a member of the EOI-Procurement Team will contact you to discuss next steps.