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Creative advertising process

There will be occasions when you need a more tailored creative approach for hard to fill roles, ongoing recruitment needs or senior level vacancies.  In these individual cases, please email strategicrecruitment@devon.gov.uk.  The team will then be able to arrange a briefing meeting or conference call with a member of the team at ThirtyThree, our advertising agency, who will take a detailed brief.

A job description may cover specific responsibilities and the overall purpose of the role, however discussing the campaign with you in more detail will help to provide us with a greater understanding of the role, your target audience and why someone would want to apply for the job.

ThirtyThree will then use this information to develop creative designs for you to review, together with a detailed media strategy.  The media strategy will include all relevant booking and copy deadlines, and a full pricing schedule to help you reach your decision.

Things to consider for the brief:

  • Who is your ideal candidate?  Where would they currently be working?  What media would they be reading?  What specific skill and experience do they have?
  • How can we entice them away from their current job to come and work for you?  What are your role's unique or special selling points?
  • Do you have any supporting documents that would help position the role, its purpose and how it fits into the organisation?
  • Are there any branding elements you would like to adhere to (eg colours, logos, images)?
  • Is there a political backdrop we need to be aware of?

Timescales to consider:

  • To arrange initial call or meeting - 1 to 2 days
  • For ThirtyThree to work on developing creative desings and media/cost schedule - 3 to 5 days
  • Following your approval of the design and copy, for the advertisement to be checked, booked and sent to media - 1 day

If your request is complex and requires the development of any web pages, more time will need to be built in.  We will make sure we advise you on a case-by-case basis.

Costs to consider:

All creative and production costs relating to your campaign will be quoted to you in advance to approve before ThirtyThree start any work for you.  However, as a guide please see below:

  • Copywriting: £50 per role
  • Creative concept development: £500
  • Micro-site development: £2,500

If you are unable to find what you are looking for in these pages please email firstop@devon.gov.uk or call on 01392 383000.

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