Ceramics and pottery

Pauline Zelinski - Potter

25 Exwick Hill
Tel 01392 252526

Email: pauline@zelinski.co.uk
Website: http://www.zelinski.co.uk

Large platters, bowls, jugs, etc made from earthenware and decorated with hand-painted underglazes, producing vibrant colour combinations.  A colourful but subtle range of pieces includes a variety of shapes, individually made, each piece being unique.  A recent addition to the range includes decorated tiles for interiors.

All pieces are suitable for domestic use and some, such as the large platters and pedestal bowls can be particularly impressive when given as gifts for weddings, or other special occasions.

Open:  By arrangement ONLY
Access: Fair
Parking: Free

Directions: Cross railway line at St David's Station to St Andrews Church.  Turn right then left after Village Inn pub.  

Ceramic dish