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Committee Minutes and Agendas

West Devon Highways and Traffic Orders - Minutes and Agendas

Reports can also be accessed using the links shown in agendas and minutes and may contain links to PDF format documents.

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20 Mar 2014agendaminutes
06 Nov 2013agendaminutes
04 Jun 2013agendaminutes
27 Mar 2013agendaminutes
22 Nov 2012agendaminutes
29 Mar 2012agendaminutes
17 Nov 2011agendaminutes
14 Jul 2011agendaminutes

31 Mar 2011agendaminutes
16 Jul 2010agendaminutes
08 Apr 2010agendaminutes
05 Oct 2009agendaminutes
31 Jul 2009agendaminutes
02 Apr 2009agendaminutes
11 Jul 2008agendaminutes
11 Apr 2008agendaminutes

04 Jan 2008agendaminutes
27 Apr 2007agendaminutes
13 Oct 2006agendaminutes
07 Apr 2006agendaminutes
13 Jan 2006agendaminutes
07 Oct 2005agendaminutes
08 Jul 2005agendaminutes
08 Apr 2005agendaminutes

14 Jan 2005agendaminutes

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