Torridge Highways and Traffic Orders

Committee Minutes

Thu Sep 24 2009

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Devon County Council

Councillors Eastman (Chairman), Boyd, Boyle, Parsons and Robinson

Torridge District Council

Councillors Collins and Lee

Attending in Accordance with Standing Order 25

Councillor Perkin (Torridge District Council)

*5 Minutes

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 29 July 2009 be signed as a correct.

*6 Members Induction

(Councillor Perkin spoke to this item in accordance with SO 25(2))

The Committee received a presentation by the Area Engineer (North) on the work of the Committee within the County Council s corporate objectives and budgetary framework. These related to the local Transport Plan Objectives and programmes and the Committee s terms of reference, constitution and delegated budgets and functions.

The Area Engineer indicated that he would forward to members the list of schemes approved for the current year within the various programmes.

Members referred to various local schemes and issues including:

traffic management and consultation in respect of proposals for Bay View Road

application of the 500k from the Barnstaple and Bideford Area Programme

car parking pay display and policy for market towns in the District and the corporate policy objectives: schemes to be self funding, facilitate good turnover of parking spaces; and application of any surplus funds for local transport measures

the accident cluster review process involving consultation with local police

safety concerns about the Torridge Bridge and the turning to Westleigh following a recent fatality. The Area Engineer referred cluster review process and to the impending coroner s inquiry and the need to consider its findings before any proposals could be put forward to this Committee or Cabinet.

The Chairman emphasised the need for effective, timely communication between the committee and district, town and parish councils and police to assist in the formulation and agreement of future priorities within the limited funds available.

*7 Car Parking in Appledore

In response to Members concerns about parking in Appledore the Area Engineer reported that the primary function of the highway was for the movement of traffic. There was not a right to park on the highway or to use a particular parking space on a section of the highway where parking was permitted. Like many other locations throughout Devon, available space for on street parking in Appledore fell short of the competing demand from residents, visitors and local businesses. It was recognised that residents find difficulty in parking close to their homes. There were some options that the County Council could consider in conjunction with the community which may help to manage demand for highway space. These included encouragement of off street parking provision, on street parking controls and resident parking schemes. One of the constraints with introducing such new schemes was that they must be cost neutral to the authority. Following a meeting with Cllr Eastman, the Area Engineer was formulating options with a view to a wider consultation exercise.

*8 Dates of Future Meetings

9 December 2009 and 8 March 2010


The meeting started at 10.00 am and finished at 11.05 am

The Minutes of this Committee are published on the County Council's Website at:-

Date Published: Tue Dec 01 2009