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Computers Adapted for Specific Needs - PC+

All library computers will be upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010 during April, through to July. Once upgraded, library computers will have the following accessibility options including magnification, on screen narrator and keyboard, plus tools to assist in use of the mouse.

Every library computer will also have Communicate: In Print 2 which enables you to create, signs, labels and posters using a range of recognised images using the Widgit symbol set.

The following libraries also have computers that can be used by people with sensory or movement disabilities:

Barnstaple               BidefordCreditonDartmouth
ExeterExmouth               Kingsbridge               Newton Abbot

Each computer has a large screen, adapted keyboard and a large trackerball mouse which can be used with hands or feet. The computers sit on adjustable tables which give room for wheelchairs and also have adjustable chairs and a lap tray.

For further information on writing with symbols including a small selection of sample sets please see - Learning Disability > Total Communication Symbols