Committee Minutes and Agendas

The Exeter Board

Members of Exeter City and Devon County Councils have agreed established a Joint Board comprising the nine County Councillors for Exeter and five members of the City Council.

Both Councils recognise the benefits that such a Board will bring: addressing issues of common interest; using the proposed community budget for projects of community benefit across the City and to help access to a wider pool of funding and supporting neighbourhood/community development.

Its Terms of Reference are as follow:

The Exeter Board has a Community Grant fund of £95,000 for 2013/14.

The joint fund will enable Councillors to respond to local needs across the City and support projects of activities for the benefit of communities they represent.

The Board is serviced on a rotational basis between the County Council and Exeter City Council. It is currently serviced by Exeter City Council so for details of forthcoming meetings, agendas, reports and minutes please see here.

For details of meetings prior to April 2014 please see here.