About the County Hall Car Park Management System

County Hall Car Park Rules

By entering and using the CPMS site you are deemed to have read and accepted these Car Park Rules. DCC may modify these Car Park Rules from time to time. We will highlight any changes we make to the Car Park Rules but your continued use of the car park and this website following such change demonstrates your agreement to be bound by the modified Car Park Rules.

These conditions and rules apply to ALL car park users whether an employee of DCC or not.

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use are detailed in a separate document. By entering and using the CPMS site you are also deemed to have read and accepted these Terms of Use. DCC may modify these Terms of Use from time to time. We will highlight any changes we make to the Terms of Use but your continued use of this website following such change demonstrates your agreement to be bound by the modified Terms of Use.

This document should be read in conjunction with the Guidance Notes, FAQs and Terms of Use.

Access to the car park

It is the cardholder’s responsibility to manage their own car park account. Staff whose access has been blocked will not be allowed into the staff car park under any circumstances.

The CPMS will automatically block access to the car park when

Entry to the staff car park is with a valid smart card only. Staff who have lost or forgotten their smartcard will not be allowed in under any circumstances.


The onus is on staff to manage their own use of the car park barrier to reflect their actual use.

All stays over 60 minutes in length will count as a deductible stay. There will be no concessions made to any member of staff who overstays this period for whatever reason.

The CPMS automatically counts a single card swipe in any one day – in or out – as a whole day stay. Staff may not appeal against this.

Car sharers who use more than one smartcard during any one day may have a car park credit and a day’s use deducted from each smartcard that has been used during the day. Staff may not appeal against this.


The onus is on staff to manage their own car park account.

Refunds will not be made on unused car park credits in any circumstances including, but not limited to, retirement, change of employment, dismissal, long term absence, annual leave, cessation of car use or change of employment location, with the sole exception of settlement of a deceased estate.

General rules:

The day to day management of County Hall car park is the responsibility of the County Hall Facilities Manager.

Access to the car park is managed by the Car Park Management System (CPMS) via the smartcard controlled barriers. Staff who wish to have vehicle access to the campus are required to register their vehicle details. Please ensure that the details held on file are up to date. If your vehicle details change please complete the Vehicle update form or email Vehicle Registration Mailbox. Staff who wish to use the car park will also need to register on the CPMS and purchase credits before they can gain access.

Non drivers who regularly car share must register the driver’s vehicle details to allow them to continue to use their pass on the driver's non car days.

Staff who arrive without their smartcards will NOT be allowed access to the car park and must make arrangements to park elsewhere image - PDF icon (321KB - pdf help)

If the lights at the front of the campus indicate that the staff car park is full you will be unable to enter. Please find alternative parking outside the County Hall campus.

Staff are not permitted to queue at the barrier when the car park is full and must make arrangements to park elsewhere. The double yellow lines and hatched no waiting boxes at both entrance barriers, in the visitor car park and around the site are enforced by the on street enforcement officers. The fine for parking on a double yellow line is £70, reduced to £35 if paid promptly.

Parking is only permitted in the marked designated spaces: a designated space is one which has two parallel lines either side of your vehicle. Cars must be parked within the designated area. In the event that access is allowed but no space is available, staff are required to exit the car park and make parking arrangements elsewhere. Tailgating is not permitted at any time.

The rear barriers to and from Matford Lane can only be used by County Hall based staff.

Staff are not permitted to park on the cobbles.

The speed limit within the grounds is 20mph. It should be noted that pedestrians and cyclists have priority.

All members of staff are obliged to treat their colleagues with courtesy and respect. Staff who exhibit unacceptable behaviour towards the facilities management team will be excluded from the car park.

Staff who infringe these rules will have action taken against them which may include, fines, withdrawal of car park access or wheel clamping.

The yellow lines and disabled parking bays are patrolled and enforced by the on street enforcement officers and the penalties for misuse are the same as those in the surrounding area - currently £70, reducing to £35 if paid promptly. The remainder of the car park is regularly patrolled by our own staff and vehicles found to be improperly parked will receive enforcement notices and emails. The penalties for improper parking are:

·Two week ban for the first offence

·One month ban for the second offence

·Three months for the third offence

No warning notices will be issued. Unregistered vehicles improperly parked will be clamped and then banned, the clamp will be released when the vehicle details are properly registered on the smartcard system. This can be done between 9am and 5.30pm.

Disabled Parking

Blue badge holders have unrestricted access to the car park and there are a number of disabled spaces around the campus. These bays are now a part of the civil enforcement regime and parking there without a current blue badge can incur a fine. All staff using the disabled bays are asked to make sure that they have their blue badges clearly on display.

All staff, including non DCC staff, who feel that they are eligible for exemption from the non car days on medical grounds are required to undergo a proper medical assessment from their organisation's occupational health team (Wellbeing@work for DCC staff) to determine whether or not they are able to use public transport. Please contact the smartcard office for a standard assessment letter for this purpose.

Staff are also required to discuss their request fully with their line manager to explore what other options are available to them, and  complete a standard report form.

The final decision will be made by the head of Business Transformation Unit.

Please note that any decision to exempt staff from the non car day rules will not be made on the basis of whether they have access to public transport links close to their home location; staff will be expected to make use of the park and ride service from Sowton Park and Ride site to County Hall, or the H1 service from  Honiton Road park and ride Site to the top of Matford lane. in these circumstances.

Non Car Days

All users, with the exception of blue badge holders and staff who have been given a temporary dispensation by wellbeing@work, have to take two compulsory non car days out of each five working days.These will be automatically enforced by CPMS..If you seek to gain access more than 3 days in a week (or equivalent) the barriers will not open. The barrier intercom must not be used to try to gain access in these circumstances

Staff are not permitted to park in the visitor car park at Larkbeare or other Exeter DCC properties on their non car days. Staff found to be doing so will be barred from the County Hall car park for one week with immediate effect for the first offence. Staff who continue to abuse this rule will be subject to disciplinary action.

Overnight Parking

Staff are advised that the cars should not be left in the car park overnight without prior permission. Overnight use is monitored and staff who leave their cars in the car park overnight without permission will have their access to the car park  withdrawn for a week for a first offence, one month for a second and three months for a third.

If you need to leave your car overnight for legitimate business reasons please notify the vehicle registration mailbox giving them your name, internal phone number, reason for leaving the vehicle. vehicle registration and length of stay.

Exceptional Weather

During the exceptionally severe weather that we have just experienced the car park barriers were opened in appreciation of the effort that staff had made to get to work in very difficult travel conditions.

The decision to raise the barriers in the event of any future exceptionally severe weather events will be taken following advice from DCC's Highways Operational Control Centre (HOCC).

This will acknowledge the efforts staff make in these difficult circumstances  to get into work. We would endeavour to make this decision by 7:30 am

Visitor car parking:

There is a pay and display car park for visitors, entered via Topsham Road. This car park is for the exclusive use of visitors only and should not be used by staff. There are 51 spaces, which includes 2 disabled spaces. This is normally sufficient but parking cannot be guaranteed and visitors should allow themselves enough time to find alternative parking if necessary.

The charges are:

These charges will operate from MONDAY TO FRIDAY, between 8AM and 4PM

Please note: County Hall reception staff are not able to provide change for the parking meters

Use this map image - PDF icon (321KB - pdf help) to locate on-street pay & display car parking around the County Hall campus or nearby public car parking. Cathedral Quay or Magdalen Road Car Parks are approximately 20 minutes walk from County Hall.

For more information about travelling to County Hall without your car please refer to 'Travel Information for Visitors'