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Care Management

How do I cost the care plan

Responsible Officer: Alan Rudall
E mail:  alan.rudall@devon.gov.uk
Date of Issue : 1st March 2005

1 Aims and objectives

1.1 Costing the care plan is an essential part of the financial management process and is the point at which the Care and Practice Manager will recognise the total cost of the package of care they have drawn up.  

1.2 The objectives of costing the care plan are to:

  • know the gross cost of all the services being purchased on behalf of the service user and ensure that the person with appropriate financial authority (according to the Scheme of Delegation) approves the Care Plan
  • determine if the total cost of the package is within the upper cost parameter. (See proposed document)      
  • demonstrate to the service user the cost of the various services being delivered under the care plan.
  • ensure that financial costs can be input to CareFirst to ensure that where applicable external providers are paid correctly and  accurate projections are made.

2. The process

The first stage is to create draft costs at different stages of formulating the care plan to assist in the decision making process.  

A simple spreadsheet or proforma can aid this process.

It is important to understand that the care plan cannot be fully completed until the service user’s financial assessment is known.

The service user should be advised what the gross cost is and advised this is the maximum amount they would be required to pay although the actual contribution to the package of care would be subject to a financial assessment.

Once the care plan costs are known and the care plan has been agreed by the service user or their advocate then theindividual service contracts can be completed.

Residential / Nursing stay- complete an SS619

Non residential services such as enabling / domiciliary / day services – complete an SS618