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BFI screenonlineBFI screenonline is available from any Devon County Council public library.

PLEASE NOTE - BFI screenonline is only available within a library and is NOT available from a home computer or elsewhere.


BFI Screenonline is an online encyclopaedia of British film and television featuring hundreds of hours of film and television clips from the vast collections of the BFI National Archive, and several hours of recorded interviews with film and TV personalities. These clips are supplemented by rich and authoritative contextual material by expert writers, specially commissioned for BFI Screenonline alongside thousands of stills, posters and press books. The site also features the BFI Screenonline Education Zone, a free resource to help all subject teachers make the most out of moving image in the classroom.

BFI Screenonline is the single most extensive publicly available resource devoted to British film and television, and is entirely free.

Playing the film clips

You can view film clips from screenonline using Windows Media Player.  This should open automatically when you click to play.  The clips are streamed for viewing rather than downloaded.

Further information

Find more information about BFI screenonline. Alternatively find out more about the BFI and its activities at