Audio Books

You can choose popular authors of novels, travel, autobiography and more (some reading their own work) along with poetry, plays, comedy shows, children's stories and classics. You can also check details of titles and authors on the Library Catalogue or ask a member of staff if you can't find what you're looking for.

You can hire audio books (spoken word) items for three weeks. If you are a library member with a disability you can borrow spoken word free for 3 weeks with up to 3 free renewals. Standard book fine rates apply if you keep them overdue. Please check our Fees and Charges for the current rates.

Audio books are also available from all libraries on compact disc (CD) and cassette.

There are also collections of audio books as MP3 discs in Barnstaple, Bideford, Exeter, Exmouth, Honiton, Newton Abbot,, Okehampton, Ottery St Mary, Sidmouth, Tavistock and Tiverton libraries.

There are collections of audio books as Playaways in Barnstaple, Cullompton, Dartmouth, Exeter, Ilfracombe Kingsbridge, Sidmouth, Tiverton and Totnes libraries

All items and formats can also be obtained from your local library via the request service.

As a library member, you can hire up to 4 spoken word sets at a time. People registered with the library as disabled may borrow up to 12 sets on the same terms as books, with no fines so long as they are not kept overdue.



Spoken Word


What are MP3 Discs?

MP3 discs are unabridged audio books that can be played on home computers and MP3 Players. Many new cars have an MP3 player included. The MP3 disc enables a story that would have been recorded on over a dozen CDs to be placed on one or two discs.

An MP3 Disc will be shown on the library catalogue with this logo.

Spoken Word


What are Playaways?

Playaways are pre-loaded MP3 players that contain a single audio book title. Playaways require the library customer to supply headphones and a battery.

A Playaway will be shown on the library calalogue with this logo.