Public Rights of Way

Adopt a Path Scheme

The Scheme

The Adopt-a-Path scheme is promoted by Devon County Council. It aims to increase the public's knowledge, use and enjoyment of the path network throughout the county.

The scheme encourages volunteers to inspect the paths in their local area and to assist with their upkeep to ensure that they are in a satisfactory condition for the whole community. The level of help can vary and could include any or all of the following:-

  • Walk or ride the paths on a regular basis, e.g. three or more times a year;
  • Report any problems or obstructions;
  • Undertake minor maintenance such as knocking back any intruding growth
  • Help with Parish Paths Partnership annual surveys.

Volunteers will not be required to negotiate with landowners as this will be carried out by officers of Devon County Council.

Path Problems

Below are a few examples of problems you may encounter when you walk your adopted path -

Path Obstructed 1. Path obstructed

Overgrown path 2. Ploughed up/ Overgrown

Broken Style 3. Faulty stile or footbridge

Adopt a Path Report Form

If you would like to report a fault or tell us about your inspection of your adopted path email

If you are unsure whether something constitutes a problem, you may like to refer to our information on our Public Rights of Way website.

To join
If you would like to adopt a path please email