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Parish Registers

Access to registers held in parish churches

Registers which are in use are still held by the incumbent ( the minister) at the parish church.  In a small parish in which very few baptisms, burials etc. take place, these registers may have been in use since the 19th century.   Under the Parochial Measure registers more than 100 years old should be deposited in the designated Record Office.  However,  some incumbents still have older, completed registers in their possession.   A parish may choose to hold its own registers instead of depositing them, provided that it can be shown that they have the correct storage facilities in which to keep them, in terms of security and environmental control.

You can find out what registers we hold for a particular parish from our on-line list of parish registers.   If you wish to see registers still in the possession of an incumbent, you can contact us and we will supply his/her name and contact details , from the latest Diocesan Directory.